Organize now! Jennifer Ford Berry Week 1: Organize your mind

organize now

I bought this booking thinking to myself, “Hey I don’t need to make plans so the execution should be cake!”  Right…right?!  Nope not right.  Instead of actually following the very useful checklist within this book, I have just browsed them.  I do have a few attempts at week 1…also.  I’m feeling a little dejected now.  It’s okay that’s all about to change friends.  I attempting it again, under your ever watchful ambiguous eyes.

Welcome to week 1…again, but the first for here.

I am uncertain how much I can list without getting in trouble, so I’m giving you the ones that may be problematic. So out of the 10 goals I am already doing about 4, with out really trying.


I feel that this shouldn’t really be that hard.  Just in case I do have a mini plan, which may defeat the purpose of buying a book with plans.  Oh well.

motherhood sleep

Goal 1:  At least 7hrs of sleep

Concerns:  I am currently working a swing shift.  So I need to get to bed pretty much as soon as I get home to get my 7hrs.  I don’t get to sleep in because I’m still a mom.  My son wakes up and then there is no end to the chaos, plus my daughter has to get to school somehow.  Sadly, I’ve been doing a poor job of it because she has been perpetually 15mins late.  The other problem is it’s hard to go to sleep once I do get home.

Plan:  I may be able to shift my work hours a hour or two earlier (the bonus to where I work).  Also, if I lay off of the caffeine after lunch that has to help.


Goal 2:  Exercise

Concerns:  I am a little strapped for time.  So I hate to spend it on me.  I know I’m speaking crazy, but I can’t get myself out of the habit of thinking this way.  I have learned it’s a mom thing.  We have a lot going on with our extended family right now too.

Plan:  I think if I work out at least once every three days at the minimum it won’t be so bad.  I also won’t feel as guilty.

miu face on floor

Goal 3: 2 minute break alone, 3x daily

Concerns:  I don’t even know how I’m going to remember to take these breaks, I don’t have a set routine.  Not only that, but I don’t ever think I am ever really alone.  It’s hard to go to the bathroom without the kids breaking in on you for the silliest things.  You know I’m speaking truth right now.

Plan:  I will schedule an alarm on my phone.  If I can’t go take a break, I’ll just snooze until I can.

Those are my thoughts before starting this whole thing.  Wish me luck.


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