Organize now! Jennifer Ford Berry Week 1 Update.

Goal 1:  Sleep is amazing.  I had to force myself to stop playing with my phone.  It is crazy how much this little piece of machinery can monopolize your time.    Here is all the apps that I’m currently obsessed with:

good reads icon crunchy roll icon snapchat logo PVZ2 log pinterest icon instagram logo



Don’t get me wrong I still actively use these, just not right before bed.  To help me keep up with how many hours and quality of sleep I’m getting, I downloaded an app.  

Sleep Bot

Sleep bot is an app that tracks your sleep, movement, sounds and helps you evaluate why you might not be getting the sleep you need.  It stores your sleep history too.

Goal 2:  Exercise.  Yeah, I got my butt to the gym, thank you judgmental internet.

The Internet personified.

Exercise is an on-going goal for me.  I’ve had a membership since last fall.  I start, but never seem to be able to stick with it.  I’ve always had an excuse like I need a fitness partner or I’m just not feeling that great.  I think that I will do better this time because I’m not only starting off slow, but because I am only relying on myself.  

I hate cardio and weight lifting.  This is mostly due to my ignorance on how to properly use the machines accurately.  I end up like this most times.

To avoid this public embarrassment I opt for classes.

Body Jam, Body Flow, Yoga.  These classes are great for beginners.  It’s doable, but challenging.  Also when you feel like giving up there is always a too upbeat instructor to keep you going.


Exercise week 1 has been successful.  I’ve been to two classes, made a couple of friends, and will be going for sure next week.

Goal 3: Breaks.  I absolutely sucked this one up.  I was able to get one of the three breaks, usually in the morning.  That is better than what I was giving myself before.  The timer didn’t work out, because it was just too easy to turn off and ignore.  Oh well, we can’t excel at everything.  I just need to keep working on it.


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