The Job Search Begins…

So now that I have currently don’t have a paying job, I’m still a frazzled mom, I am going to take this time to spruce up my resume.  Here are some helpful tips I’ve found:

10 Easy Steps to a Better Resume - wish I could share this with the people who apply for jobs at my office.

Resume Inforgraph

Also some sites that I have joined that have great tips and articles:

the muse

They have great articles under career advice.  Be sure to check out Resume Revamp.  They also offer free classes such as Kick Start your Job Search.  The classes are free and go straight to your email so that you can check them out when you have time.  This works out pretty great for me, with my littles and all.

Levo League

They are a great resource with good articles, plus you can get in touch with mentors.  You can ask their advice and learn from them what made them successful in their career.


The articles are great and they have a little bit of everything if you interested in more than career advice.  I especially liked the article:  I Make My Living Off a Blog No One Has Even Heard Of.

So right now I am trying to improve my job searching tools:  Cover Letter, Resume, Portfolio, Follow Up emails.  I will post some of the finished products when I am done.

Hope this was helpful.  Please leave a comment if you have other tips to share.  I need all the help I can get.