Organize now! Jennifer Ford Berry Week 2: Organize your Schedule

This week’s goals are to use one planner for everything and to plan everything in advance if you can.  Also, if your a “TO DO Lister” like me to split them into three catagories:  Daily, Weekly, and Future.

So here is where I am currently.

Planners 5

Planners:  4

Planner 1:  I have a family magnetic calender, which I bought when I tried to make a command center.  I implemented it and it worked for a while.  Unfortunately, like all good things it ends too soon (Possible future organizing project).  My failure in that situation was not maintaining.  So now this is on the fridge to inform me what’s going on in our family.  It also lets the husband make appointments without me, which rarely happens.

Planner 2:  Exercise Schedule.  This is just the group exercise schedule for my gym.  This just ensures that I don’t accidentally walk into a body building class when I just want a little yoga.

Planner 3:  Blog Calendar.  So I’m new to this blog thing.  I want to be organized and consistent.  So I looked up a few tips beforehand.  Tips included a blog planner.

Planner 4:  Personal Planner.  This is basically my progress calendar.  Where I record what I actually did for the day.  Like the exercise class or if I managed to publish a blog.  It has all the other appointments too.  It lives in my ginormous purse.

Oh crap…I spoke too soon.  I actually have five planners.

Planner 5:  My google calendar.  This is the one on my phone where I also put everything in to.

So now just reflecting on what I have and what I use it for, consolidating seems genius.



Organize now! Jennifer Ford Berry Week 1: Organize your mind

organize now

I bought this booking thinking to myself, “Hey I don’t need to make plans so the execution should be cake!”  Right…right?!  Nope not right.  Instead of actually following the very useful checklist within this book, I have just browsed them.  I do have a few attempts at week 1…also.  I’m feeling a little dejected now.  It’s okay that’s all about to change friends.  I attempting it again, under your ever watchful ambiguous eyes.

Welcome to week 1…again, but the first for here.

I am uncertain how much I can list without getting in trouble, so I’m giving you the ones that may be problematic. So out of the 10 goals I am already doing about 4, with out really trying.


I feel that this shouldn’t really be that hard.  Just in case I do have a mini plan, which may defeat the purpose of buying a book with plans.  Oh well.

motherhood sleep

Goal 1:  At least 7hrs of sleep

Concerns:  I am currently working a swing shift.  So I need to get to bed pretty much as soon as I get home to get my 7hrs.  I don’t get to sleep in because I’m still a mom.  My son wakes up and then there is no end to the chaos, plus my daughter has to get to school somehow.  Sadly, I’ve been doing a poor job of it because she has been perpetually 15mins late.  The other problem is it’s hard to go to sleep once I do get home.

Plan:  I may be able to shift my work hours a hour or two earlier (the bonus to where I work).  Also, if I lay off of the caffeine after lunch that has to help.


Goal 2:  Exercise

Concerns:  I am a little strapped for time.  So I hate to spend it on me.  I know I’m speaking crazy, but I can’t get myself out of the habit of thinking this way.  I have learned it’s a mom thing.  We have a lot going on with our extended family right now too.

Plan:  I think if I work out at least once every three days at the minimum it won’t be so bad.  I also won’t feel as guilty.

miu face on floor

Goal 3: 2 minute break alone, 3x daily

Concerns:  I don’t even know how I’m going to remember to take these breaks, I don’t have a set routine.  Not only that, but I don’t ever think I am ever really alone.  It’s hard to go to the bathroom without the kids breaking in on you for the silliest things.  You know I’m speaking truth right now.

Plan:  I will schedule an alarm on my phone.  If I can’t go take a break, I’ll just snooze until I can.

Those are my thoughts before starting this whole thing.  Wish me luck.