Executing the Plan

mice and men

How true is this quote!  I’ve have made so many plans to improve my life.  I always start with a list or maybe even a spreadsheet and at times it has spiraled out of control into a 5 year plan with calendar entries.  I also say to myself, “Awesome Penny, you really going to do it this time.  It’s totally going to work!”  

I daydream about myself looking back a year from now and being glad that I came up with this fantastic plan.  That’s because I’m extremely happy, because of my well executed plan.

Penny daydream

Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.

So obviously planning isn’t my problem.  I could spend hours and even days on planning.  It boils down to execution.  Let me just give you the definition of execution.

Execution defn

It shouldn’t surprise you that it has two meanings.  It can be the beautiful realization of your plans or the death of them.  That’s how its been for me at least.  I’m not saying I haven’t reached goals.  It’s just that I haven’t reached as many as I would have liked.

So i’m starting this blog not only to improve myself by executing some of my plans, but as a way to hold myself accountable.  Lets be real for a second, everyone wants to save face and if it’s out there for whoever to read maybe it’ll make me more proactive.  I am also hoping to get a couple of laughs at my own mistakes along the way.

Here’s the goal.  I’m going to do at least one thing to improve myself weekly.  It can be something simple enough as meditating

meditation pic I really don’t look like this when I meditate, but it was too good of a pic to pass up.

or as complicated as keeping my house cleaned and organized.

mom crazyWhich is challenging because my kids make me crazy.

I know there will be some problems along the way, but I’m hoping that this time it’s going to work.