Organize now! Jennifer Ford Berry Week 2: Organize your Schedule

This week’s goals are to use one planner for everything and to plan everything in advance if you can.  Also, if your a “TO DO Lister” like me to split them into three catagories:  Daily, Weekly, and Future.

So here is where I am currently.

Planners 5

Planners:  4

Planner 1:  I have a family magnetic calender, which I bought when I tried to make a command center.  I implemented it and it worked for a while.  Unfortunately, like all good things it ends too soon (Possible future organizing project).  My failure in that situation was not maintaining.  So now this is on the fridge to inform me what’s going on in our family.  It also lets the husband make appointments without me, which rarely happens.

Planner 2:  Exercise Schedule.  This is just the group exercise schedule for my gym.  This just ensures that I don’t accidentally walk into a body building class when I just want a little yoga.

Planner 3:  Blog Calendar.  So I’m new to this blog thing.  I want to be organized and consistent.  So I looked up a few tips beforehand.  Tips included a blog planner.

Planner 4:  Personal Planner.  This is basically my progress calendar.  Where I record what I actually did for the day.  Like the exercise class or if I managed to publish a blog.  It has all the other appointments too.  It lives in my ginormous purse.

Oh crap…I spoke too soon.  I actually have five planners.

Planner 5:  My google calendar.  This is the one on my phone where I also put everything in to.

So now just reflecting on what I have and what I use it for, consolidating seems genius.